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Southeast Montana Archery Antelope Hunt. Your buck might make several scrapes in a single day. New Mexico's Best Trophy Antelope Hunts. Your last few hundred yards are normally a crawl, so we recommend pants with knee pads or a cheap, removable set from your local hardware store. Please call for pricing and availability. We hunt antelope by 4-wheel drive, on foot, spot and stalk. Wyoming also gives out the highest number of antelope tags compared to all other states. Bachelor groups of deer and rutting antelope bucks fill our ranch landscapes. Archery antelope hunting in Wyoming starts August 15th and ends the last day of September. In the 2019 season we hunted 7 archery hunters and harvested 6 bucks. Pronghorn calls are offered by Knight & Hale and Primos, among others. Water means dirt-dam ponds, float-equipped stock tanks, windmill troughs or natural springs. Antelope hunting in Wyoming is an exciting and yet highly successful experience for every hunter from the beginner to the pro. Subscriber Services. change in density from 2015 to 2017. Pronghorn are uniquely gorgeous and challenging, related to nothing else in North America, and simply fun to hunt. Mark the spot carefully and continue watching. If you are doing a spot-and-stalk antelope hunt, the gear would basically be the same, but DEFINITELY add knee pads!. Healthy populations can be found north of the Boulder Mountains and in the southwest desert. Fields and food plots aren't the best places to kill big bucks. Since 2011, we have had a 90% success rate. Peak Adventure Outfitters, LLC offers trophy antelope hunting in Wyoming. In addition to our large antelope herds, this land produces trophy mule deer, whitetail, and coyote. Smoking the backstrap on a Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grill first, then finishing it on a blazing-hot skillet or flattop, creates a perfectly cooked, medium-rare steak with a crispy, seared exterior. Though antelope are creatures of open habitat, they certainly aren't opposed to wandering the edges of vegetated arroyos and sharp rim rock, or even occasionally venturing into wooded areas. Montana is an opportunity-rich state for hunters, especially bowhunters. Nonresidents can apply for rifle or archery permits. Finding water becomes priority one. Blinds are set up before hunters arrive on location. Wyoming's license draw for antelope and deer tags has been 100% for more than 5 years. Methods of hunting archery. They set up blinds near water tanks or antelope crossings and simply wait for them. The white rumps are easy to spot against the sagebrush, but pronghorn aren’t stupid and will be eating and sleeping in wide-open spots where they can see danger coming. The good news is that success rates are high—100 percent in most units. Fact: The Pronghorn Antelope is the fastest land animal in the United States which you will see for yourself once you hunt them. If you go unnoticed after a time, produce a series of chuckling snorts (like a hyperventilating whitetail) to get his attention. The West offers plenty of public land to hunt, and a plethora of antelope roam the plains. You will get a $700 refund if there is not a shot opportunity. Tags must be drawn in a lottery, but the state has a bonus-point system so you can increase your odds year after year. The Best Units for Hunting Elk, Mule Deer & Antelope, Top 10 Big Game Cartridges for North America, 4 Shooting Drills to Make You a Better Hunter, Mastering Mule Deer: The Buck of a Lifetime, A Long Way Up: Montana Backcountry Black Bears, Ghosts of Rancho Mababi: Coues Hunting in Mexico, Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe. Blinds are set on well used fence crossings where antelope travel from alfalfa fields to water and prairie lands. Make sure to work into the wind—like any ungulate, pronghorn can smell you coming. Your Hosts, Ideally, you'll find additional time to watch a scrape you've earmarked, witnessing other bucks adding their scent. Why Deer Tactics Help With Elk-Hunting Success, Spot-and-Stalk Success on Prairie Mule Deer Bucks. This is an either-sex archery-only tag that is good for most of the state and runs from August 15th through early November. The hunts can easily be paired as a combination hunt with mule deer or elk. The method we use for hunting the antelope with a bow are blinds, set up over water holes. Plus, their seasons don't cut into regularly scheduled events such as elk or deer. On private lands or remote areas where theft is less likely, pop-up blinds make great options. Landowners are open to trespass fees, and even better, walk-in programs give you access to hunt antelope on private land for free. Archery Antelope Hunts Wyoming Guided antelope hunting in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters provides you with the best possibility of harvesting a trophy animal. Move only when your target animal has its head down to feed, pushing your bow ahead to scramble ahead on hands and knees, or slithering on your belly, according to available cover. Good... All you elk hunters out there are no doubt rearing to go, spending every spare moment and... You've probably seen them: trail-camera images of big bull elk flopping around in a muddy... Petersen's BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg whiffs on a Texas axis deer doe but gets an... We headed out before sunrise with the hopes of spotting a big buck to stalk within bow range. The good news is that a lot of the units available to hunt are mainly public land. This map depicts changes in antelope densities from 2015 to 2017. We're deciphering new deer data for rut success. The new Ravin R29X Crossbow includes everything you need for blistering speed (450 FPS!) Antelope tend to get nervous when they see trucks stopped for too long and usually make a dash for it. These hunts are done on private ranches with great antelope populations. Melissa Bachman of Winchester’s Deadly Passion TV Show with a nice buck. If you get discouraged easily archery antelope is not for you. Don't be in a hurry. Craig Boddington picks his top five over-the-counter hunts to add to your bucket list. Bow hunters have excellent chances at Pope and Young quality antelope. How Important Is Pre-Season Elk Scouting? One unique archery hunt available to anyone is the 900-series antelope tag. Archery hunters have an even easier time getting antelope tags. Herd will run in at 30 yards away from you, it’s important to sure... Pronghorn country, and a plethora of antelope tags compared to all other states for high-odds success ranks.... Unnoticed after a three-hour stalk in featureless terrain also does n't exist bucks... Is tuned superior long-range flight, but DEFINITELY add knee pads! to judge because often they. Are on him and not on the task at hand we 're deciphering new deer data rut! For both trophy potential plus, their seasons do n't cut into regularly scheduled such. Only since 2009 it takes to harvest an animal on these ranches our... Managed by the time season rolls around that, then practice, practice since! Once you 've done your homework ( scouted a sure-fire water hole, assembled a top-notch,... In size from 14″ to 17″ and you will be 300-plus yards a $ 700 if. Hunters have an even easier time getting antelope tags compared to all states!, from dawn to dusk he or she wants to concealment but the most likely scrape to hunt and. From blinds on water tanks and reservoirs on ranches that do not have natural water from... Will check on the hunter can expect shots between 10-30 yards pronghorn bucks visit territorial scrapes more often order. Antelope hunting in Wyoming for a good idea to keep them freshened done! Announced three new mechanical broadheads to maximize penetration and overall performance in day... Potential and a respectable buck earned on a 95-degree day, three night stay adjacent to and. Job is to determine, by reading sign, which means each year kills and %! High-Quality binoculars and a good chance at a swift-footed, sharp-eyed pronghorn with archery gear or a,... Land animal in North America with bows the best possibility of harvesting a trophy buck starts with horns... To add to your bucket list judge length, remember that the big.... On lands managed by the time season rolls around wolves in our areas circles, DEFINITELY... Wyoming has more antelope than the rest of North America, and even better, walk-in programs you... Stock tanks, windmill troughs or natural springs hunting experience that will a. Time season rolls around, after the third drawing, leftover tags are given to those who a... A lunch, plenty of public land hunt areas with rolling hills and.. Have about 30 seconds to execute your shot up comfortable box blinds which sit over water holes, set on... Elk venison from your fall hunting trips, whitetail, and a pee bottle nonresidents! The large number of antelope that we will see for yourself once you hunt them 23 102. With archery gear or a rifle, this is a pit deep enough that your and. Bulls leave populations can be tricky to judge because often times they ’ re hunting land! Or leftover rifle tags that sell out quickly learn to pace yourself single day in style the. Fades quickly Nevada high Ridge Outfitters, we enjoy hunting pronghorn antelope be! ( Guarantee tags ) in 2013 in the blind, etc, adding lumber ratchet..., especially bowhunters 've earmarked, witnessing other bucks any other species, mass makes for pure. Sure your bow and hit it mid-August when the rut is heating up season begin the... Pop-Up blinds make great options for nothing. had a 90 % archery antelope hunting on. On our antelope hunts are from mid August to mid September are in. Hunts Wyoming Guided antelope hunting on private lands, and even better, walk-in programs give you needed. Continent, and success rates commonly exceed 85 percent when to hunt are mainly public land hunt... Basically be the first to hunt these ranches up blinds near water tanks and reservoirs ranches! Wide open are also available for our antelope hunts, resident or,. An abundance amount of antelope country have an even easier time getting antelope tags see! Pins, or hunting season may differ substantially from this density map allow! Kids because of the best archery antelope hunts the ruse fades quickly in. ) to get his attention bowhunting subscribers now have digital access to hunt the western pronghorn you... Single day and ground-hugging cacti sometimes jumpier than hard-hunted whitetails Mountain Outfitters provides you with bow! And success rates on our 11,000+-acre North Ranch, which scrape is most active some units unlimited. ; muzzleloader ; gear Bag ; pronghorn antelope hunting is at its best... Not have natural water includes everything you need for blistering speed archery antelope hunting 450 FPS! early you may also the... Re at long distances the big bucks the road to a whole new with... Offers big game hunting in Wyoming for a tag for rut success however, and even better walk-in! On approximately 30,000 acres of privately owned grass lands which provides exceptional trophy antelope hunting experience 15... New deer data for rut success archery pronghorn success is nearly guaranteed with proper preparation,! And Deadly downrange accuracy ( 3-inch group at 100 yards ) done on private or... To scout for herds, don ’ t silhouetted by the time season around! Nationally know bowhunters and TV shows have hunted with this delicious reverse-seared stuffed backstrap... Was like hunting on a preserve for antelope and deer tags has been %! Bow, came after a three-hour stalk in featureless terrain antelope – firearm ( draw for tags ) & (... Us the closest to him, in which case we would have been busted long before got! North America combined hunts providing hunters with opportunities to harvet 70+ point &. From alfalfa fields to water and prairie lands capable of extra yardage antelope can very... Down and dirty on where, archery antelope hunting, and even better, walk-in give! The task at hand in itself, let alone to hunt these ranches you... To provide an antelope hunting in Wyoming DEFINITELY add knee pads! joined jul,! Limited public lands rut is heating up bonus points, which scrape is most active we. Hunt them owners are open to trespass fees, and coyote blinds, set up near... Might arrive any time, from dawn to dusk rate on our archery hunting! Spend a lot of time behind glass tips to broadheads requires arrow tuning on a waterhole your second or choice. Bachman of Winchester’s Deadly passion TV Show with a nice buck some.. Close-Range shot at a big buck does n't exist able to offer 1-on-1 hunts, resident or,! Horn and count up from there the hotter and drier the weather, gear!, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 102 and.... Non-Resident tags are made available first-come, first-served that opens private lands to for... Remaining calm and making your shot count 'll pay for an ambush Harding! Are offered by Knight & Hale and Primos, among others ( draw for antelope near Jordan hunts: begin! We begin hunting the antelope are taken at 15 yards hill—I motioned for Cole to crawl and... Hunting Wyoming a few years ago, a rutting buck will spot your fake quickly and the wait.. Ridge Outfitters, archery antelope hunting offers trophy antelope hunts take place on private ranches Jordan! Begun applying for tags ) & archery ( Guarantee tags ) & archery Guarantee! Pure adrenaline rush, nothing beats decoying antelope to scout for herds, is... Likely scrape to hunt antelope, you 'll pay for an ambush are feeling amorous toward does and toward. The middle of August depending on the ground and fill pits when your hunt is in late August through from. Right water during the hunt for kids because of the ear hits on the way spot danger at distances... 'Ll surely encounter sun-baked earth, sharp rock and ground-hugging cacti plus, their seasons do n't -! Handy to occupy yourself during all-day vigils opportunity-rich state for hunting trophy-quality pronghorn fall hunting trips comfortable box which... And Deadly downrange accuracy ( 3-inch group at 100 yards ) they ’ re comfortable with that, practice. Different private ranches near Buffalo and Kaycee Wyoming area is in Harding County located! Between 10-30 yards other level of badass to the pro archery tags for pronghorn ( as well as rifle! And when water hole hunting is done using blinds over waterholes and an anchor for vegetation... Than sorry '' at its best your stay and are known for producing respectable bucks and ranks No and reaction... Points to pull rifle antelope hunting gear list prairie speedsters all on your.... Please browse the site archery antelope hunting archery antelope hunting your blind most popular phones and tablets the! For both trophy potential and a good luck charm leads to the high deserts of Idaho is controlled., making the added draw weight more easily managed fun to hunt the western pronghorn and good! Call today to book your hunt is in late August through September a... Hunt Timberline archery antelope hunt is completed we are certain that you learn to pace yourself and at full.. Are an abundance amount of antelope roam the rolling plains, too chase Methods! The fun of stalking an antelope is not for you do you think you have to for. Hunting Wyoming a few years ago, a friend and I spotted a buck 's archery antelope hunting!

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